When Adoption is Not in the Future.


Hi Kids, It’s mom.  I’m writing a little letter to you because I want you to know I hear you, and I see you.  I’ve heard the murmurs lately.  I’ve seen you gathering.  I recognize the signs.  You’re quietly lobbying.  The smaller among you is leading the charge. Today, Gigi has been home 5 months, […]

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Feeling Forced to Choose


I’ve written and re-written this post about fifty times.  The words just weren’t coming in the first few drafts.  After the beginning of this hellacious week, I think am able to explain a little more succinctly what is happening in my head and heart.  We’re in a little bit of a battle in the Full […]

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As A Mother


I’m white. It’s not a well kept secret.  My picture is on the right hand side of your screen right now. Seven of my eleven children are black. That’s not a secret either. I’ve never wanted it to be.  I wouldn’t change one single thing about who they are, or really, who I am. Because […]

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I Could Have Said No.


Every day, but especially on Mother’s Day, I think about the ‘what ifs’ of my life and the long and winding road I followed to find our kids.  I think of all the change I’ve been through as a human.  I think of how many times I thought it would be one way, I demanded […]

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Our Own Physical Therapy


We are now one year past Tess’s big heart surgery.  So much joy in that!  She is still working hard to catch up on some of the milestones she missed because she was so sick for so long.  Tess is still behind in gross motor development.  She is 5 years old and her balance is […]

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