An Everyday Fight


This is my daughter, Gigi, for those of you who aren’t familiar.  She is Deaf and has sight in only her right eye.  The vision she does have in that eye appears to be central only.  She misses things in her peripheral visual fields.  She falls sometimes because of it.  She missed out on learning […]

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Allow Them Their Fear.

We’re going through a time of fear in our home.  We’ve been here before, and for awhile now.  In our home though, it ebbs and it flows though.  That is the privilege afforded to my children by having white parents.  For a little while longer, while they live in my home, my children are afforded […]

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My Nomination for Sainthood


I was texting with another mom of a large family today.  We were texting back and forth about her upcoming adoption.  She texted “I got my first comment about what a saint I am.”  I welcomed her nomination for sainthood, and to the sisterhood.  The Sisterhood of the Sainted Mothers through Adoption. She has just […]

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Journaling: A Tool in Her Toolbox

Since Juliana first came home direct communication has been hard for her.  It was for Ally, AJ and Bowen too.  It was with her though that I first noticed lack of eye contact, inability to match her feelings to her body language, and staring in response to questions posed to her in high stress moments. […]

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