Give Me Your Tired…

Gigi is home and recovering beautifully. Thank you so much for asking. Her energy level improves daily. The area of her scalp that was so damaged by the multiple surgeries she had to stop the bleeding in her head is healing little by little day by day. Her courage amazes me. She came home, she […]

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Fly Home Buddy, I Work Alone.

We have now been inpatient with Gigi for eight days.  I haven’t really slept in a week and a half, since her initial surgery and rough recovery.  I have watched Finding Dory more times than I could have ever imagined.  It is what comforts her right now, and the girl who almost died gets whatever […]

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Full Circle

One week ago, Gigi, our Deaf 4 year old, had a Cochlear Implant (CI) inserted on the left side of her head.  I didn’t write about it here because this decision comes with some controversy.  The Deaf community often feel this is an attempt to “cure” your child’s deafness.  It was not.  That is all I need […]

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