My Turn.

I pride myself on never getting sick.  I had enough of being sick during my late teens when I spent months upon months in the hospital.  Since that time, I have promised myself that I’m not going back.  I exercise, eat right, and do the best I can to stay healthy. I blew my streak […]

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Children’s Day in China!

In China, June 1st is Children’s Day.  The FullPlateKids are going to put on a show for their dad and I.  A duet from Moana will be sung.  A child will read their original work of poetry.  There will be an art show held on the dining room table. How will you celebrate?!? If you’re […]

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Homestudy Complete, I800 A Away!

Our homestudy is DONE.  This is the document from our social worker that approves us for adoption.  It is used by our U.S. immigration officer to move us forward toward approval from their office to adopt from a foreign country.  To do this, we enclose the notarized 23 page document, our birth certificates and our […]

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