Trick or Treat (and a little of “smell my feet”).

Yes, we did get GigantoBaby saying “trick or treat, smell my feet”.  He learned that one at the preschool…that I own.  Shameful.

We’re rapidly headed toward candy coma over here.  So, before we fade…

Bubbles as Snow White.  She says Halloween is “GREAT!”.
Responsiboy as Happy the dwarf.  He truly is always happy.
M-M as Doc.
It only seemed appropriate to give our allergy-ridden GigantoBaby the role of Sneezy.
The Diva as Grumpy.  Mostly, she is.
We had a really cute Bashful, Dopey and Sleepy (only 8 weeks old) come to play with us too.  But, they’re not mine, so it’s better to leave it to your imagination.  We had an awesome time.  I love the magic of Halloween.  But, I’d better go.  Doc thinks he might need his stomach pumped.
who knows that sometimes you really do feel like a nut.  

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  1. What a beautiful Snow White! The dwarfs are the cutest I’ve seen. Oh little Grumpy cracks me up.
    Thanks for sharing your little sweeties with us!

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