Sing! Sing a Song! Sing out loud, sing out STRONG!

Do you remember that song?  I *heart* Sesame Street.

Giggles, ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle had a music performance at their school.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Giggles is no Beyon*ce.  But, she wholeheartedly believes she is.  So, we tell her constantly what a lovely voice she has.  She’s signed up for summer choral camp because she loves it so much.  Here are some pics of her singing out strong.  I cropped them down a lot to respect the privacy of the kid’s around her.  But, there she is, singing her little heart out.

who has a Giggles leaning over her shoulder wanting me to tell you that she LOVED her “dress” that day.  She is very proud of it.  

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  1. Sometimes we have to let them do things they love, even when we know they aren’t the best at it. I’ve been surprised at how hard my boys will work at something THEY choose, even if I don’t think it’s the best choice for them. Sometimes believing that you are good at something is half the battle!

    I love Giggles’ “dress” too. Elena has that skirt and Efia gets super jealous of it. Even though she didn’t like it in the store and chose something else. Girls still baffle me!

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