And I’m off.

It’s 5am where I am, and after almost no sleep because of nerves mixed with excitement, I’m up and ready to get ready to go.  The kids will be driving me to the bus that will take me to the international airport where I’ll spend 13 hours in a plane over the Pacific.  Do you know what I’m most worried about?  It’s kind of funny.

Being lonely.

I’ve never done this totally solo.   I’m going to miss FPD like crazy and there are no words to describe how hard it is to separate from my kids.  Last time I did this, when the adoption became so crazy that writing an account of it would only make you think I was making it all up, I had another mom traveling with me who made it alright.  I miss that already.

I’ll have other adoptive families with me the second week, but this first week is all me.  I guess there’s pain that comes along with having a baby the old fashioned way.  This week will be akin to that, I guess, sort of.  It will probably be good for me to really get to know and spend time with our Dolly.  I feel ready for that.  Kind of.

We’ll see how I feel come next Friday.  I’ll update as soon as I can.  Promise.

who will wave to you from the Great Wall.    

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