First Birthday Understood.

Today Gigi turned 5, and it is the first birthday she understood.  We actually celebrated on Friday, because yesterday we took off for a Spring Break adventure.

“Soon, you sing!”

“Cake, I LOVE IT!”

“Presents, you give me!”

After watching all of her siblings celebrate their special days, she understands what all the fuss is about.  And, she LOVES a fuss.

Yesterday, we loaded up the van and headed to the ocean, where this girl got to feel the sand between her toes for the first time.  At first, she wasn’t so sure.  Then she saw Tess collecting seashells and she decided it might be okay to give it a try.

Then she decided it might be the best thing ever.

–FullPlateMom, who is currently drawing blueprints for the best sandcastle ever.

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