Adoption Advocacy

All nine of the Full Plate children came to our family through adoption.  We’re huge adoption advocates around here.  That said, adoption isn’t for everyone.  If you’re wondering whether or not it’s for you, Full Plate Mom is happy to help!  You can always email us through the ‘Contact Me’ page.

The youngest three Full Plate children, Dolly, then Mighty, and now our precious Poppy,  were waiting for us as we were searching for them.  All three were both special needs adoptions.  To us, their needs are a distant second to how very special they are!  Mighty and Dolly each waited six months to over a year on a waiting child list in their home country of China.  At this time, nearly 2000 children wait on waiting child lists there.

Every once in awhile, this page will highlight a child we’re advocating for.  This means the Full Plate Family understands the child’s medical or emotional needs and wants our readers to consider adopting them.  Maybe you’ll see the child you didn’t even know your heart was missing!!!

October 23, 2014  Sweet Shiloh


He has a heart like Dolly’s, which means he needs a family FAST! Please read all about Shiloh in THIS POST.  


October 18, 2014–The Boy in the Little Yellow Coat, aka Louie.  


My little man Louie is available for adoption!  You can read all about him on THIS POST! 


May 19, 2014 … Lovely Lena

You can read all about Lena RIGHT HERE!!!  Lena’s family will need to understand that there are quite a few unknowns with her heart.  They should prepare themselves by speaking to their local pediatric heart team, educating themselves on outcomes of children with pulmonary hypertension and then…get ready to be VERY blessed!  Lena is AMAZING!!!



Do you recognize this girl?  Sometimes advocacy turns into action.  This is our Poppy!  Here she is today!! See what love can do?  

Fall Photo Shoot-1

March 19, 2014



Meet Haddie!  Haddie currently lives in China and is waiting for a family.  Haddie’s file is currently with Across the World Adoptions.  The FullPlateFamily can help find references for this agency upon request, but we have no personal experience with them.  We’ve merely fallen a little in love with Haddie, and we know that no one is currently reviewing her file.  Here is Haddie’s information from Reece’s Rainbow.  As you can probably see from her picture, Haddie has a problem with her left eye.  Haddie’s file describes this as Glaucoma.  There is suspicion that this might actually be cancer.  Haddie’s Reece’s Rainbow bio mentions Neuroblastoma.  As a former Pediatric Heme/Onc Nurse, I think it is more likely that this is Retinoblastoma.  In the U.S., this cancer has a 95% cure rate.

If this is cancer, it is likely that Haddie will need her eye enucleated.  Yes, she will need her eye removed.  I have personal experience working with children with one eye.  Plastic surgeries for prostheses of the eye are amazing.  Haddie’s prosthesis may even be able to be connected to the muscles in her eye in a way that they both move together.

Sadly, this won’t happen in China.  In China, it’s a possibility that she won’t get treatment at all.  Even delaying treatment may mean that the cancer will spread to her other eye, or her brain.  Complete loss of Haddie’s vision would be hard enough if she had a family.  In China, it will mean the end of her chance at a future.  I’m asking for a family for her that is willing to take a leap of faith.  We currently have a daughter in our home who was a complete leap of faith.  She has blessed us in ways that words can’t do justice.  I think Haddie is just waiting to do that for a family of her own.  If you’re interested in more information about adoption from China, or Haddie, please feel free to Haddie’s Advocate at Across The World Adoptions, her email is

Thank you!!!