Empowering for Adulthood

Our goal as parents is to raise children who become free and autonomous adults.  Free thinkers, able to regulate, capable of higher level thought processes and decision making.  We want happy kids who turn into happy adults.  When you have a kid from a hard place getting to that point feels as daunting as summiting […]

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Correction through Connection.

Before we start talking about correction, as in, of undesirable behaviors, I want to take a moment to wish this girl a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Double digits, baby!!! Juliana, you are the reason I’m here, in Texas, learning all I can formally learn, so that I can pass it on to others.  When you came […]

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Connecting with Gigi

TBRI has three main principles on which it operates. 1. Empower–attention to physical needs. 2. Connection–attention to attachment needs. 3. Correction–attention to behavioral needs. As a potential adoptive parent, we’re given all kinds of training on empowerment.  Our kids come to us malnourished, starved for attention.  We are told we need to feed them freely, […]

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