An Intro To Sound

We turned Gigi’s Cochlear Implant on yesterday. She got her first intro to sound, because, yes, she CAN hear. All the electrodes in the implant are turned on. We weren’t sure she would tolerate that at first. She handled it like a champ though. I did take a video. I showed it to Joe and […]

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The Night Before Activation

Dear Gigi, It’s the night before the activation of your Cochlear Implant.  This has been a LONG time coming, sweet pea.  A Facebook memory just popped up yesterday reminding me that it was a year ago now when you received your first hearing aids.  A year.  That is not normal.  Some kids have Cochlear Implants […]

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Physical & Psychological

Before all the adoption paperwork updates, I think everyone might want a Gigi update.  She is doing so well!  We are out of the woods on any bleeding issues that might have occurred from the reinsertion of her implant.  The plan is to activate it on April 5th.  We are so excited at the new […]

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