I Blinked.

I blinked and, suddenly, it has been four years since I brought Giggles and ShyGuy home from what was an adoption trip that changed me heart and soul.  I learned a ton about ethical adoptions.  Their journey to our family was like a guide on how NOT to adopt.  It turned out great, with an […]

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Dual Purpose.

This blog has just become dual purpose.  I have given the name and address of it to Bubbly’s family in Ghana.  Not my intention for it, but a useful purpose.  Sadly, some of Bubbly’s family was told that she died recently.  I don’t really understand how, or why, this happened.  I can hazard a guess, […]

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Long Time No See.

I have been absent from blogging for a long while.  The Christmas season is upon us, my house is under construction, and the kids are just plain busy.  But, they’re doing great.  Bubbly is LOVING the structure of public school.  She’s really excelling.  I guess my free wheeling child-led preschool just wasn’t doing it for […]

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