Halloween 2017

2017’s theme is “Just keep swimming!”  So, this seemed so appropriate. Our little Dory is struggling a little.  Her lungs are always troublesome, but her weight is now a concern too.  We’re trying to figure out why she’s so very fragile. Luckily, she’s got people to swim right along beside her.  Always. While her body […]

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First Birthday Understood.

Today Gigi turned 5, and it is the first birthday she understood.  We actually celebrated on Friday, because yesterday we took off for a Spring Break adventure. “Soon, you sing!” “Cake, I LOVE IT!” “Presents, you give me!” After watching all of her siblings celebrate their special days, she understands what all the fuss is […]

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An Intro To Sound

We turned Gigi’s Cochlear Implant on yesterday. She got her first intro to sound, because, yes, she CAN hear. All the electrodes in the implant are turned on. We weren’t sure she would tolerate that at first. She handled it like a champ though. I did take a video. I showed it to Joe and […]

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