On This Day of New Beginnings.

We are Christian, and to all the other Christians reading, we say, He is risen!  In our religion, it is a day of new beginnings, of a new, and different life, and a day of eternal hope.  For everyone of other faiths, or no particular faith, we celebrate the new beginning that a new week […]

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Disney with a Deaf Child.

When we adopted Gigi and brought her home, there was almost NO time for me to plan our Disney adventure this year.  I had laid the groundwork, obviously, before we left, but I am usually a master planner when it comes to vacations.  This year, not so much.  We were flying by the seat of […]

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New Year’s Resolutions–Full Plate Style.

When we all eat dinner together, which isn’t every night because you know, sports and all, we always pray together.    It’s our thing.  We go in age order, one kid per night, asking them to tell everyone else what they’re praying for specifically.  Highlighting one child makes it intentional.  It makes them think.  I […]

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