Oh, siblings.  You are best friends and worst enemies all rolled into one.  You would think that moving into a house of ten children would be a big adjustment for Gigi.  Not so much.  She is GREAT with all her brothers and sisters.  She revels in the chaos.  She floats from kid to kid, seeing […]

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Officially Ours.

Today we went back to the governmental office where we met Gigi yesterday to sign the paperwork to make her officially ours.  We have had her for 24 hours now.  At this point, technically, we could either ask for 24 more hours to “decide”, tell them we prefer not to continue, or sign the paperwork […]

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One Day.

This is Gigi’s last night without a family.  I know she has no clue about the magnitude of change that’s upon her, but I wonder, can she feel something coming? Does she sense that this was her last dinner in an orphanage? That this is the last night that she’ll be tucked into bed in […]

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