Prayer and Praise Sunday.

I’m going to make it my commitment from now on to blog on Sunday mornings about things that I am thankful for that have happened during the last week. Right now the stillness in my house is amazing. Stillness doesn’t happen often here. It gives me time to just pray and praise Him. I am so fortunate. Even though the events of the last two weeks have shaken us, we are still so grateful. I’m thankful for my kids, one of whom is snoring lightly beside me right now. I’m grateful to have my jobs and we’re so grateful that FPD continues to have a work. We watch all around us as friends are let go and lives are turned upside down. We’re grateful to have a church that feels like a community, one where we are safe from everyday stress and pressure, and where our large family is accepted even when some of our own relatives don’t understand.

–Full Plate Mom

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