Laughter Lives Tuesday…Zulu Fighting Spoons.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…we had this rule in our house… no weapons! As we slowly started to add more boys, that rule got pushed to the back burner. They’d make guns out of legos, they’d make swords out of sticks. Sheesh. I think it’s just passed down in the male genes. I had no idea I’d spend so much time telling them things like “that toilet paper roll is not a cannon!”. I pictured passive little men. Hmmm…not so much. It has been especially bad since ResponsiBoy started school. I think it has to do with the introduction of Star Wars and that blasted Luke Skywalker. Curse him and his lightsaber! Why must they have invented such an attractive weapon? I mean, come on, who could resist? Multiple colors, the cool noise! It’s every preschool boy’s dream! The attractiveness of this weapon and the constant shouts of “I JUST CHOPPED YOUR HAND OFF!”, has led to a reintroduction of the no weapon rule, modified, but present nonetheless. Sad, but so true.

We’ve been reading a lot of books. Specifically, a lot of books about Africa. I’ve been introducing the idea of tribes to the boys. Explaining that they’re kind of like big, extended families. We just talked about the Zulu tribe, one of the largest tribes in South Africa. The book, of course, had to go and mention weapons. Apparently, every tribe has them. Good grief. Can’t we just gloss over that? In our house, it has to become an obsession. So, this morning when I saw GigantoBaby whirling two of Divalish’s baby spoons around his head (in only his underwear), I wasn’t surprised at all. What came next, when I asked him what the heck he was playing with, shocked me a little though. So, I’m introducing what is apparently our tribe’s newest weapon….

ZULU FIGHTING SPOONS. Menacing, aren’t they?


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