Prayer and Praise Sunday–New Measurements!

Today I’m thankful for a little connection to our GhanaGirl. A fellow adoptive family who was visiting to bring home their daughter was able to get measurements for our new sister. Our little angel is 33 1/4 inches tall. I immediately pulled out my peds growth chart to see where she is on the chart. If she is just two-years-old (I have no idea if she is young two or old two, so I pretend she is just two), then she is the 39th percentile for height. I’m waiting for a call or email from some of the families who have just been there to tell me things like how many words she has and what makes her laugh. I can’t wait to talk with someone who has hugged our baby!!!

My trip to Ikea yesterday was SUPER fruitful. I got new items for GhanaGirl’s new lavender room and a new table for her and Divalish to sit at while they do art projects. I also bought new comforters for the boy’s beds and a new twin mattress. Ah, Ikea, you’re a little slice of heaven. While I was away, FPD was busy baking. Yes, my husband bakes. ResponsiBoy’s school has their annual carnival this week. Along with working the photo booth, we’re donating cupcakes for the cupcake walk. One lucky child will win their own little flock of penguins.

Right now they’re resting their wings in our ice box. After all, where else would penguins hang out?


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  1. Aaaw, she’s a teeny little thing. I’m coveting your video right now!I went to Ikea in your honor this afternoon. L has chess club on Mondays so I wandered there for an hour after school. Pure bliss.

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