Special Gifts for a Special Girl!

I’m on my way to the UPS Store to send out two things. Goodbye dossier! See ya! You will no longer haunt me by languishing in a huge pile on my desk. We’ll be providing you with a tracking number though, so don’t even try getting lost. I’ve also made photocopies of all of your documents as well. HA! Here’s what the little bugger looked like (not so little)…

Then, I’m sending this little token for a very special girl who likes to pretend she is carrying a baby on her back. In Ghana, women carry their babies tied to their backs. Our little lady took a wood block and an old shirt and attempted to tie it to her back. One of the other moms who was traveling to get her boys was kind enough to help her find a toy to use. From the video she sent me though, it looks like that toy was a lobster. GhanaGirl needs a proper doll. So, we found a little brown baby for her to love on until we can bring more items. I also included three Safety Suckers (that’s the peds RN in me, no choking here) and a yard of stretchy fabric (purple seems to be her color) that she can use to carry her baby Ghana style. Thanks to Jessica for the suggestion!

No photo book yet. I have this weird superstition that as soon as I send it, the adoption will fall apart. I absolutely refused to send one to our little guy in Ethiopia (who isn’t coming home) until we passed court. We never did. The only thing that kept me semi-sane (and I use that term loosely), was the idea that he wasn’t sad. No one had sat down with him and showed him our family. He would have understood too, he was two years older than GhanaGirl. To lose one family, awful. To lose two families, life would never be the same. I took comfort in the fact that only we were disappointed, not him. So, I’ll go after we have an adoption decree. Maybe I’ll get to meet her birth family and they can have the photo book. She’s two, afterall, she might not even understand.

Our revised Homestudy is also on its way to the USCIS. Less exciting, but important, nonetheless. We have forward motion though and we all know how I LOVE moving forward!


2 thoughts on “Special Gifts for a Special Girl!

  1. In less than a week your dossier will be in Ghana! Looking at the situation from your childs point of view, very wise! A very lucky little girl. She is going to adore her doll!

  2. I thought I was the only one who felt that way about the photobook! I’m reluctant to send it too and for similar reasons. Then again I think our girl is old enough to understand who we are, so I’m still getting the book together, and it may or may not go with our dossier. I HATE it when the doubt creeps in because I know I have enough faith to drive it away and I know we are doing what we should be. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember.

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