The First (of many) Panic Attack.

Just took my documents to the UPS Store (see post below). Got home to check my email for a tracking number to arrive. As I’m looking through old emails I pull up the email with the address of the family that has kindly volunteered to tote our dossier over. Hmmm…that doesn’t look like the same house number I sent the dossier to? IT’S NOT, YOU IDIOT! You added an extra 7 to the address. I AM SUCH A MORON! Frantic phone call to the manager of the UPS Store, who now knows me by name because she shipped all of our Ethiopia documents. I tell her that I gave her the wrong address and that I’m TOTALLY crazy with anxiety. She finds the package (thank you, God) and changes it for me, even though she’s not really supposed to without my signing another form. No worries, phew. I think my life has just been shortened by a year or two though.


2 thoughts on “The First (of many) Panic Attack.

  1. What a blessing that she found your package and fixed it! It’s the little kindnesses that get us through sometimes.LOL! You just made me pull up my own shipping label and double check it.

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