Panic Attack– Numero Dos.

I’m going to make a label on my blog for these panic attacks. That way anyone who comes to view this blog and learn about our adoption can feel assured that they are totally normal, or they can see how crazy I am. Either way is educational . Yesterday after the whole UPS Store fiasco, I received an email confirming that my package had shipped. The email contained the usual tracking number. Hmmm…let’s check on the progress of my shipment. Not so much. According to, it was nowhere, because the tracking number was invalid. WHAT?!? Calm down, they told you this might happen when you switched the address. I was supposed to receive two tracking numbers, one with the incorrect address and one a few minutes later with the correct address. Where’s the other one? Maybe it didn’t get corrected? What will I do then? OH NO! Full on sweating panic over the thought that all that work to compile the dossier would just be lost. The UPS Store opened at 8:30am, so by 8:31am I was on the phone. Kudos to the manager for calming me down and finding the correct tracking number. All is not lost, literally.


One thought on “Panic Attack– Numero Dos.

  1. Oh the panic!!!! I went through the whole USPS tracking issue with my passport and visa. It is such panic when such important things leave your hands for strangers to take. My prayers are with you and your adorable Ghanagirl whom I love so much!! I am so very happy she is going to be with your family!!!

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