Mini-Panic Attack (maybe # 2 1/2?).

So, I’m just going to keep posting about ALL the mistakes we’ve made with our dossier in the hopes that they will help someone else in the future. I don’t know who, but maybe someone. I got a call during GigantoBaby’s birthday party. I wouldn’t have answered, but we were cutting up cake, my phone was RIGHT on the counter and I saw the area code. It could only be one person, considering everyone else we know lives in a 60 mile radius of our house (I’m not really exaggerating, you’re born in this city, you stay forever, it’s just that nice). It’s Lois, she coordinates the adoptions from Lucky Hill. There’s a TON of noise in the background on both ends of the conversation (I’m corralling 10 three-year-olds and she’s at a rodeo. No, for real, roping cattle and everything). She’s quick to tell me that there are some “issues” with our dossier. Call Lanae, she’ll tell me all about them. My heart sank A LOT. Lanae is leaving the next day to go pick up her three kids. How can I possibly fix the issues before then? If our dossier can’t go with her…well, it just HAD to. All I could do was enjoy the party. The SECOND the last little guest left, I was on my phone. Problem 1: Our medical forms from our MD aren’t “stamped”. Ok, nothing I can do about that, our MD can’t stamp them, he had no stamp and had no idea what I was talking about. They’ll have to go like they are. Or, I have a notarized typed statement from him that I can send. Problem 2: We didn’t sign your Social Welfare Application. IDIOT! No other way to explain it. There is a tiny line on the first page to sign it, both FPD and I totally missed it and left it blank. We’ll sign it, scan it and email it to Lanae. She has agreed to print it and put it in our dossier. Thank you, God for people like Lanae. Problem 3: We didn’t write our last names on the second blanks on our Powers of Attorney. That was pretty stupid as well. These are a little more tricky, because they’re notarized. The notary stamp isn’t raised, so a photocopy might work. Filled our last names in, scanned it, emailed it and Lanae printed it. As of right now, our dossier is IN GHANA!!!! Please pray that it is just ok. It’s all in His capable hands now, and He moved mountains to get us to our little girl in the first place, so we have faith that it will all turn out ok. I just need the strength to believe in His timing, sometimes I forget, and doubt and anxiety get the better of me.

Also, please pray for Lanae and her husband as they bring home their three new children. One of them has a heart condition and needs to get to the U.S. quickly where medical care has already been set up. As much as we are in a hurry, this little girl needs to be here yesterday.


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  1. I’m so glad I asked Lanae to go over your dossier. I just had a feeling…not that you wouldn’t have done it right, but just go over it for me. Lanae said tell her you asked me to, I wasn’t being snoopy! lol I say snoop away, right? It was taken to the Social Welfare Officer today!

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