Laughter Lives Tuesday…Happy birthday to You too!

GigantoBaby has had the longest birthday celebration in the history of man. Since ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle are like twins and Divalish is the baby, GigantoBaby is most like the forgotten middle child. We made a huge deal out of his birthday this year, because last year, his party had to wait until the summer, because Divalish was in the process of entering our family. This year he had preschool, so he had friends, so it was time to CELEBRATE. In all the preparations (picking out the the cake, buying treats for preschool, etc.) he got to come with me. He told EVERY.SINGLE.BLESSED.PERSON. that it was his birthday. From grocery store clerks, to the guy at the gas station, they all had to know. They would say “Happy Birthday!”, to which he would reply “Happy Birfday to you too!”. My sweet, sweet boy.


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