Thank you, USCIS!!!!

We sent our Homestudy to our local USCIS office about a week ago to be approved. After that, they send you IN THE MAIL the date and time of your fingerprint appointment. At some USCIS offices, you can make your own appointment for fingerprinting. Not ours, you have to wait for it to come in the mail and then you have to take the appointment or your application is considered abandoned. I was concerned about when the appointment would be. Other adoptive parents in our area have reported appointments over a month away. What if we have an adoption decree by then? (please God, please). Then, the USCIS approval would be holding us up. So, shamelessly, I put a little pic of our daughter-to-be in with the homestudy with a note to let them know she was already waiting. What could it hurt? The mailroom clerk is human, right?

So, when is our appointment…APRIL 13th!!!!! 9 days away!!! God is good!!! He is very, very good!!!!


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