Moving Mountains for a Little Boy.

Here’s my “It’s a God Thing” story that will give you goose bumps. I’m not kidding, I have goose bumps just thinking about it. Did you see my post below about donating to the burn recovery fund of Stephanie Nielsen. You didn’t? Well go, look, and then donate. And while you’ve got your checkbook out…

Look over here. Then look here. Then here. I received a call me about William when this happened. We thought he fell in a fire. I thought for sure he was going to die. How do you survive that in a third world country with NO access to any sort of advanced medical care? We weren’t sure how bad it was. I asked for pictures, and as you can see, we got them earlier this week. We all cried. He’s in SO much pain, just look at his face. You can see pain everywhere on his body. When this first happened I asked Lois if she needed me to go. Would it help? I can’t practice medicine in a foreign country, my license won’t allow it. But, under care of the Ghanian physician that is treating this little boy, I could provide some one to one TLC, as a mom. And I’ll use the skills I’ve acquired as a peds nurse, I’m a mean bandage changer. I was told to wait for the pics, we should see how bad it is, maybe they just need supplies. They do, but they need staff as well. So, the decision is made. I’m going. But…it would break my family to pay for it all. We’re in the middle of an adoption as well. This trip doesn’t coincide with the work that will need to be done to bring GhanaGirl home. This is an extra plane ticket, food and transportation. We have money for the adoption, but, the pot isn’t bottomless. Then, Lois said she had a ticket that was donated by her friend at Delta (God bless you). GOD IS LISTENING. What about supplies? Where would I get them all? Supplies for six weeks of burn care? Not something that is in our family budget. I emailed family, friends, anyone who would listen. Last night I had three tubes of antibiotic ointment and six boxes of gloves donated in half an hour of emailing. GOD IS LISTENING! What about my kids, my jobs, my home? Well, God will listen there too. I just know it. My kids live in a bubble that is middle class life in the USA. They have a mom, they’re just going to lend her out for awhile. William has no mom, so I’ll just step in for a little bit. I pray that my child care centers and my job at the hospital will be ok. But, in my heart I know they will be. Look at the mountains God has already moved.

We still need help though.  We only have one week to collect the money before I need to order the supplies. Please go, and help God move more mountains. And, if you can’t donate, please pray! I’m still two weeks away from getting there. The biggest mountain that needs to be moved is the one that will keep William holding on. PRAY!


2 thoughts on “Moving Mountains for a Little Boy.

  1. I will be praying for you and your family. God is SO faithful and amazes me. Thank you for sharing this as a reminder. God bless you and William! Take care and we look forward to hearing how your trip goes.

  2. We are praying like CRAZY over here! I posted on my blog about William. Would it be okay if I copy this post to put on my blog? It may help people see what you are giving up to go, and maybe touch their hearts to donate…or at LEAST pray. Please leave me a comment on my blog and let me know if it is okay. I cannot express how I feel right now. SO thankful to you. William is not my son, I have never met him, but my heart goes out to him, and somehow I feel grateful to YOU for stepping in and stepping up and doing for him what no one else can do or is able to do. You are an amazing woman, and I know God is so proud of you and your family. If there is ANYTHING we can do for your family, especially while you are gone, let me know. THANK YOU!

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