Angels Among Us.

I’m out of words. Just out of them. After yesterday and today, I have no words to describe the generosity I’ve witnessed. Last week, I emailed our church. This is a church we only began to attend in August of 2008, where people are just getting to know our family, but are OVERWHELMINGLY welcoming. Joining this church was like coming home for us. I told the Children’s Minister (whom directs the Early Childhood Program and knows me WELL) and Executive Assistant all about William, and Lucky Hill, and everything that has transpired over the last two weeks. I wasn’t asking for donations per say, I was mostly asking them to activate the prayer chain, the prayer chain for William, but also for our family as I leave. They emailed back and said…we can pray, but what else can we DO? I told them all about the burn supplies. Then, they emailed all their ex-missionary families. Families that have lived in Africa, South America, Asia, everywhere. You won’t believe what happened next.

At church on Sunday, my email was read aloud. An email begging the church to pray for a little boy that I wanted to go to and hug, to tell him that God hadn’t forgotten him, and that he was moving mountains to heal him. I told them that the real purpose in my going was to let William know that, even as an orphan, there are people in this world that will love you and do all they can to heal you when you are broken. That Kingsley moves the mountains through God, and Lois moves mountains through God, and that all of you reading this pray for him and moved mountains to send someone to bring him the supplies he needs to get well. I want William to know that the God he learned about in his school NEVER forgets the children. I told them that I worry about his body, but sometimes, even more, I worry about his spirit. It’s hard to lose your parents, but it’s even harder to lose them and then have a tragedy like this strike. I worry that without reaching out to William carefully, in this time when he is most fragile, that he might shut the world out completely. I worry that he’ll lose all hope. Without hope, there’s not much left.

Well, everyone reached out. FPD and I couldn’t carry the donations we received, we had to go and get bags from the kitchen to carry it all. Some people donated bandages, some people donated gauze, some people donated Clorox wipes. Some of the ex-missionary families donated items they knew I would NEED, but wouldn’t think of. One family donated 4 boxes of Band-Aids (I guess they knew what you all told me, that at orphanages everywhere, they’re a much needed supply). One family donated lice shampoo (PLEASE don’t let me need that, but I’ll take it, just in case). It was amazing. I am amazed.

Then, today, I received an email from a woman who wants to remain anonymous. She has taken care of burned children before and had some supplies she wanted to know if we could use. When I read the list, I was SHOCKED. The list contained things I never hoped to get my hands on, things that were so expensive, they are used in U.S. Burn Centers. Wow. Again, I am amazed, and I have no words. Just, THANK YOU!!!!

GigantoBaby is our resident photographer, so here he is, with his Fischer-Price camera taking pics of the donations as they roll in. My boys are learning so much from all of you and from William. What a blessing for them!


4 thoughts on “Angels Among Us.

  1. WOW!!!Such miracles!!!! God certainly wants William to know He sees and knows him. People are amazing!!I am so happy that I want to shout and cry. I am so glad that things are coming along and people are able to help!!Thanks for this post! Thanks for all the sacrifices you are making to help!!! You are an inspiration as are all those who are reaching out to help a little boy across the world!!!!

  2. YAY! This is SO EXCITING! In the midst of TRAGEDY, God is teaching us…about ourselves and the goodness of others! BTW I have some socks coming your way! I just need YOUR ADDRESS! You can comment on my blog OR post it on the group OR email me! Somehow I never saw it on the group. 🙁 THANKS! Still praying!

  3. I believe in angels. You are one of God’s many!!! I’m so glad that so many angels are reaching out to help little William. You are truly a blessing to this child. I wish you the best in your travels to Luckyhill.Narda

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