The Pieces Come Together.

–No flights left from my midwestern town to NY so that I could connect to Accra. It looked like I would have to pay nearly $600 to get there. Yuck. Tried about 50 combos, thought about having to pay that much, cried a little. Then tried an airport about 90 minutes away. The flight was only $348. Well, that’s better, I guess I’ll book it. Went to book through Expedia and all the sudden they had “found a lower price” and the whole ticket was only $198. THANK YOU, LORD.

–My passport arrived at the Ghana Consulate today, and it’s on its way back to my midwestern address already. That’s what I call speedy service. THANK YOU, LORD.

–I went to our church today and picked up 200 more gauze sponges and 50 more Telfa pads from donations. Plus, another $40, which is good, because that is exactly what my checking account would have been overdrawn by when Delta charges my for my flight to NY. God truly has taken care of me on this journey so far. THANK YOU, LORD.

–I ordered the nutritional supplements today from Nestle. I ordered three cases of 24 cups of Benacal high protein and high calorie food additive, but I used my expired credit card by mistake (it expired three months ago, just goes to show you how much we charge around here, not much). They were kind enough to email me an alert to my error and then ask me to call Customer Service. I did, and the lady on the phone was very friendly. She asked if I still wanted to pay for overnighting it. She said it wouldn’t get to me until Friday now, because it was so late in the day. I told her it was okay. I didn’t need to take it to Africa until Tuesday morning. As she typed my order, she inquired about where and why I was going. I told her. I told her about William, and GhanaGirl, and the two other little boys who will REALLY benefit from this nutrition too. She totaled my order and then told me they had a “special” running right now where if I bought three cases, I got the fourth for free, so an extra case would be included in my order. Hmmmm…I didn’t see ANYTHING about that online, but, I’ll take it! I thanked her profusely, she just said “God bless you”. THANK YOU, LORD.

I’m just breathing in the blessings now, and thanking God for this experience. As the stress of the trip gets to me, and the doubts creep in about traveling alone and leaving my kids, I’ll just remember that all I can do is say THANK YOU, LORD, and it will all turn out alright.


3 thoughts on “The Pieces Come Together.

  1. Wow, I am just in awe! God definately wants you to go. He definately has a plan for you and all the pieces are just flying together! It just makes me so very very happy!!!May the Lord continue to bless you and speed you on your way!

  2. What a day you had, every struggle came with a blessing. Sounds like some one gave you a special special deal on Benacal, I’m glad you made the phone call not me! thank you for all you have gone through for William, I will talk to you tomorrow : )

  3. Thank you, Becky, for being willing to go help William! None of us could help him without you! Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be a nurse before (too tough for me to handle), but this has made me sort of wish I could do the job…. at the very least so I could go back to Luckyhill and spend time with all those sweet, sweet children!

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