I’m 48 hours from leaving now. I’ve packed, re-packed and packed again. I have NO idea how all the stuff I’m bringing fit into two suitcases. NO IDEA. They’ll probably break open and all the Dollar Store puzzles, balls and crayons will fly all over. I have two luggage straps with me for just such an emergency. I’m planning on blogging while I’m there, so everyone can catch updates as often as I can post. I’m not going to post the faces of children that are being adopted. That’s for their parents to do. But, I’ll be sure to post shots of the kids in general, and updates on my little buddy, William. If there isn’t time for an entire blog entry, or if the internet connection is REALLY slow, I’m going to tweet. You can see all my tweets in the left hand column of this blog. They’re like mini-blog entries for those of you non-tweeters.

I’m getting nervous. REALLY NERVOUS. Nervous about planes crashing, getting lost in a foreign country and about GhanaGirl or William hating me. I think my Malaria meds make me even more nervous than before. Paranoia and vivid dreams are apparently some of the MANY lovely side effects. Great. I had enough anxiety to begin with, this only compounds it.

I have a list of things to do around the house that might just be long enough to stretch to Ghana. No church today. We’ll be spending the day working together to get it done and enjoying my last 48 hours with my kiddos. Have a blessed Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Jitters.

  1. Go with the knowledge that our Father in Heaven loves you and loves those kids. The ones at home and the ones at Luckyhill. Have faith that you are doing what He wants you to and you will be blessed for it in ways that you cannot even imagine right now. Remember that so many of us “out here” are praying for you!

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