Leaving on a Jet Plane.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words what I’ve experienced over the last 10 days. Never. William needed me for about 48 hours, and then that was done. Not the trip I had expected AT ALL. But, so much more happened in my time in Ghana, that I know God led me there for a reason. I’m connected forever to the place our GhanaGirl calls home. She was a little bit of a surprise to me. A small, savage-like, dirty surprise. It sounds harsh, I know. But, she poops on the ground, rolls in the dirt and spreads her food across all of her clothing. She’s two and she lives every day that way. And, she loves it. I have no worries about her. She is in the very capable, loving hands of Madame (who it turns out is related to her). Her family story was told to me while I was there. I was able to meet her biological brother, and her father. I met everyone who loved her first, before I ever knew about her. That means so much to me.

I can’t describe Ghana. I’ll never be able to. You go there and you either see the value in what you’re doing, and you get over the lack of creature comforts, or you can’t take it and you leave early or don’t go back. I loved it. Every second of it. I like Gloria’s cooking, and she tried to cook things I would like. I saw the value in just hugging and playing with the kids and I loved helping in ways that keeps it Ghanaian. There wasn’t a kid I didn’t love. They irritate you, by their sheer numbers, and because it’s SO hot. But, you spray on a little more sunscreen and bug spray, and you suck it up. They love the abrunis, and I love that about them. The school is TOTALLY primitive, but the kids are getting an education. They have no toys, and there is garbage EVERYWHERE, but they are like a family. A huge, funny family. They shout, and occasionally “beat” each other (which is more like a spanking), but they’re family. And, they welcome you with open arms. If I could make a rule that every adoptive family HAD to live there for three days, I would. I can’t imagine not having gone and seen where my daughter calls home. I wouldn’t know her daily routine, who her friends were, or any of the reasons why she behaves the way she does. It’s an important insight into what makes her our GhanaGirl. I didn’t do a ton of bonding with her, because that wasn’t my purpose this time, and she’s just too little to understand. But, seeing her was a HUGE bonus, and now I just love her all the more, and can’t wait until it’s my time to go back.


4 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane.

  1. Wow! This makes me cry and happy at the same time. Oh! What a crazy conflicted, beautiful bundle of emotions that must have been for you. Thank you for loving on those kids. Thank you for the insight! Thank you!Jen

  2. There are not words to tell you how much I appreciate you spending time with my Precous! I can hardly wait to hear about your trip, and I hope you are nearly home!

  3. Luckyhill gets into your heart. Hearing about it makes me miss it all over again. Lilly is related to “Madame” too. We’ll have to figure out if she and Ghana girl are related.

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