Happy Mother’s Day

To my little GhanaGirl,
It is 11am where you are right now. You’re at church, probably giving the Primary Teacher a run for her money right now. Madame probably got you up bright and early, scrubbed you down and gave you your porridge. I miss helping you do those things. Then you’d put on your best dress, which is something you probably wouldn’t ever be seen in here in the U.S. But, you are very proud of it. You piled into the car with all of your “siblings”. There are no seat belts, and Kinglsey only has the one SUV that you all jump in the back of. Vida, Patience, Jean or one of the other big girls is usually in charge of holding you on their lap. It looks like this.

Crazy. But, that’s the way it is. You were probably awful during church. When I was there just last Sunday, you took off your “pamper” and peed on the floor. Not cool in the U.S., SUPER not cool in Ghana. Madame helped me remove you and change your pants. You’re in Primary right now, probably coming and going as you please. You, Anninda and Junior don’t stay in the room for more than two seconds. Primary was fun for me though, I enjoyed it.

During the last hour of church I took you with me to Relief Society. You fell asleep sprawled across me in a big sweaty pile, tired from all your naughty antics. I remember looking at your face, mopping the sweat off of it and thinking that soon you wouldn’t be calling me “WABOOOONI!” (abruni) anymore, that you would call me mom. So, on today of all days, because I left a piece of me there when I left you, I’m sending out a mother’s prayer for you. Praying that God will keep you safe until we can get there to hold you again, my crazy girl.

Happy Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. My eyes fill with tears knowing you were with sweet Ghanagirl. She is quite the punky little gal that I just couldn’t resist her charms! This story cracks me up!! Ahh the memories! Soon she WILL be calling you mom and how blessed that is!!!Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Your Ghana Girl is adorable in her best dress. I can’t imagine her doing anything naughty at all.If you have survived Primary and Relief Society already, we might have to grant you semi-member status or something. We’re all praying for your Ghana Girl. Soon, very soon, you will hear her say Mom.

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