Lighter Things.

Life is settling back into its normal routine, jetlag is fading and my post-Ghana culture shock is subsiding. I was prepped for how much culture shock I would have going over, but not coming back. The guilt of what I’ve witnessed versus all I have here weighs on my like 10 tons of bricks. The load is getting lighter though as I’m able to open up to FPD about all I’ve seen. He doesn’t fully understand, but he sure does try, and has been very sensitive about why it was hard on “re-entry”.

My kids did wonderfully with him. He is one amazing dad. How many other dads of four under the age of six would be able to drop everything on a moments notice and do it all themselves? How many other dads would understand when their wife comes back proclaiming that this won’t be their last adoption, that God has led her to the place their other children were meant to come from? How many other dads wouldn’t hesitate when she tells them that is HAS to be him that goes next time and that she will meet him there? That this experience is one they need to have together. He didn’t blink about the money, he never has, God will find a way. And, He has. Next week I will start a new job with the hospital. It will mean working some evening and weekends, but it will also mean that all I’ve worked for in Grad School has come to fruition as I take on a leadership role in the clinic Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic. Being in charge will be new and different, and will mean a shift in routine, but it will also mean not having to worry about financing whatever number of children God brings to us. Thanks to my forever partner, for keeping me laughing, and bringing all the lighter things back into my life amidst all the heaviness that has occurred over the last two weeks. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Lighter Things.

  1. He sounds like a great husband and father! Thank you for talking today. We were so happy to learn about Sandra and Koby. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of them and loving them!!!! You are very appreciated by the Fillmore family!!!

  2. Thank you Joe for sharing Becky with us! You will understand when you go, it’s hard to explain the depths of so much emotion. Becky, have a garage sale, you will feel better:)

  3. I know for a fact that he is a wonderful, generous man. You are blessed to have each other and your children are blessed to call you Mom and Dad. Thank you for letting all of us know how much you appreciate Joe. You don’t often hear about the good things that husbands do and your post was refreshing!

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