Laughter Lives Tuesday…A Travel Brochure for Ghana.

These are the things I want to remember about the time I spent in Ghana. After my first few days there, I was “lucky” (ha ha) enough to have two Americans come to join me. Shelley, who isn’t adopting (she has two daughters from Ghana already), and Brant, who was in the process of finding his three daughters.

Shelley and I shared a room at the orphanage. We were with each other all the time. I thought she would begin to annoy me after awhile (most people do, I’m easily annoyed). She didn’t. I was SO glad to see her that I spent two or three days just LOVING the American company. Then, we started to laugh at things that other people wouldn’t find amusing. We did. Ghana is hot. I kept telling the children that when they asked me why I looked so bad (not so rudely, but that was the gist of it). Children, I would say, Ghana is hot. They started following me around chanting “Ghana is hot, Ghana is hot”. Funny? Definitely.

The roosters there crow between 4 and 5 am. Whatever. Shelley, Brant and I joked about eating chicken. Sometimes small people forgot to flush the toilet. Whatever. It was like a little present waiting for you. There was no hot water. Whatever. That was the BEST shower any of us have ever experienced, even when a GIANT hairy spider enjoyed it with you. We went to the Distribution Center at the Temple in Accra. Shelley went to enjoy the western style, air conditioned bathroom. A LONG green snake was waiting there to join her. Whatever. They killed it with some lady’s umbrella (the lady just kept shouting “that’s my umbrella!”). At least the snake wasn’t IN the toilet. We joked inappropriately about snake bites for a LONG time.

Shelley and I kept brainstorming content for our Ghana travel brochure. We wanted to find ways to earn money for Lucky Hill. It could double as a resort and spa. There is the possibility for some REALLY good facials. When the wind blows the right direction, the amount of dirt that blows onto your face could earn the folks there some REALLY big bucks. We thought of a Summer Camp program for over-privileged American children. All of us realized how good our American kids have it, and how little they appreciate it. We also thought that for folks who don’t like fish, and enjoy hauling cement in buckets on their heads, Lucky Hill would make a REALLY good weight loss camp (Brant actually hauled cement, I had to take care of the “sick” children. Ahem. Yes, they were all VERY sick that day, so sick that Shelley needed to help too). You have to laugh at all the differences and just go with the flow, or you won’t make it. It is different there, but the people are WONDERFUL, and will bend over backwards to make you happy. I LOVED IT.

So, come and see Ghana the “Ghanaian Way” at our Spa, or Summer Camp, or Weight Loss Boot Camp. We give it 5 stars, but that’s just our opinion.


2 thoughts on “Laughter Lives Tuesday…A Travel Brochure for Ghana.

  1. Laughing very hard here!I would like a reservation, please. I can haul cement (but I do like fish) and I am willing to share the shower with spiders as long as they respect my personal space. However, I prefer not to interact with snakes of any shape or color. I’m glad you warned me about the song!

  2. YEAH! Well said. I’m so glad other people love it as much as I do. Sure some things are crazy, but IT’S A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, PEOPLE! After my first trip to Ghana I started saying “It’s hard living in a first world country” whenever people complain about stupid things. Like the price of gas, a broken sprinkler head, you get my drift.You can’t fully apreciate a hot shower in your own bathroom until you’ve lived in (or been to) Ghana.

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