Family Home Evening #2

So, it’s Monday. And I’ve spent long enough breathing into a bag (see this post on my panic attack this AM) to be able to function enough to plan a nice Family Home Evening for my kids. ResponsiBoy was especially excited about it when he heard it was Monday. He was aware enough of last week’s activities to be able to understand that meant it was Family Home Evening (which will have to become Family Home Afternoon when I start my new job). I looked at some of the resources left in the comments section of my last post about “borrowing” from the Mormons (thanks Shannon!). A lot of the lessons were based on things that are specific to the LDS Church (lessons about Brigham Young, etc). But, a lot of them were universal. There was one that I saw that cheered me right up, and I knew it would be perfect. But, it meant borrowing (which is actually technically stealing because I can’t give it back) an idea from the LDS Church again. I think they’ll be ok with it. At least, the ones I know would be. I loved it too, because it reminds me of Lucky Hill. I know, blah, blah, you’re probably as sick of hearing about Lucky Hill as everyone else who knows me. Oh well, I’m just going to carry on.

Tonight’s lesson will be on “Choosing the Right”, which is the LDS Church’s way of encouraging good choices. I think? Am I getting it right? I hope so. For now, that’s what we’ll go with. We’ll be playing with dominoes. My hope is to demonstrate that one poor choice will lead to consequences that will make everything topple all around you. Our church does the whole WWJD thing, but this was so much cooler. Shelley brought CTR rings to Lucky Hill and Kingsley’s daughters, along with a lot of the older girls, loved them. They sang me the song about ‘Choosing The Right’ and everything. Too cool. Now I just need to get a CTR ring or two and the lesson will be complete. Maybe that’s really only for members though. I am after all still affectionately nicknamed “Becky, the Non-Member”.

And, because a friend told me that Family Home Evening isn’t complete without ice cream, I bought those disgusting ice cream cookie sandwiches from Costco. They each have about 300 calories. The boys will also be making their own english muffin pizzas with toppings from the “topping bar” that I need to start setting out. I think I’m getting better at this Family Home Evening thing, right? If I’m not, well, we’ll have had a lot of fun together, while at the same time, getting a whole lot fatter.


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  1. Sarah says:

    So awesome. I love that you are doing this. You sound like a pro! There is a website called that will give you great ideas about anything and everything as well as


  2. Lois says:

    I told Kingsley you were doing family home evenings and he laughed so hard, he adores you so! CTR rings are for any one who wants to be reminded to choose the right, which should include the entire world, right?Good for you Becky the non- member!


  3. Becky the Non-Member, you can have as many CTR rings as you want. I can’t think of a single person who would object to you wanting your children to make good choices.I am a little bit worried that you just called ice cream disgusting, though. We’ll have to work on that.


  4. MommyBrec says:

    I am impressed with your Family Home Evening-ing! You have motivated me to be better about having Family Home Evening…or maybe I will just start sending Taiger to your house every Monday! Your lessons sound way better and more fun than mine!!


  5. Woop woop! So glad you found ideas you could use! 😀 Rock on – if you don’t mind if I wear a cross (given to me lovingly by my Muslim exchange student from Bangladesh, out of respect for my love of Christ), I don’t mind if you wear a CTR ring! *grin* God honors those who act according to His standards (like choosing the right or asking what Jesus would do) – no matter where they learn them. 🙂 🙂 :)Shannon the Convert (hee)


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