The End is Near.

We’re in the midst of school wrap up for my “little” boys. This means the end of preschool for Middle-Middle. He “graduated” yesterday. This involves a cute little ceremony with a homemade graduation cap and tassle. He’s ready to go. He’s SO ready to go. Middle-Middle was born prematurely, at 32 weeks, so he is small for his age (he is also African-American/Asian, so he would probably be smaller than his brothers naturally). But, he’s my most outgoing child. He’s not afraid to tell you that he’s “so over preschool”. He’s ready for the big time. Today he has a mini golf field trip and tomorrow is his end of the year picnic. Then, the local pool will open and swim season will begin. Middle-Middle is ready to swim. GigantoBaby is just oblivious. He doesn’t understand that school is ending, and frankly, I don’t think he really cares. He’s definitely my “whatever” child. I’m so proud of both of them. They’re so different, but so close at the same time. Right now they’re downstairs in their play room playing some kind of elaborate (and loud) game together.

Happy Graduation Middle-Middle! It’s on to Kindergarten now.

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  1. I just noticed how the descriptions of your boys sound a lot like mine. My 8 year old (my Middle-Middle) is definitely not afraid to speak his mind, and he is always ready to move to bigger and better things. My youngest just goes with the flow. “Whatever” really decribes him well. Even at 6 he is still like that. I love to see the different personalities that all of our kids have come with.

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