The Princess Pat.

ResponsiBoy is at his Kindergarten Camp Out where FPD is chaperoning. He just called me to hold the phone out so that I could hear 64 little voices singing about Princess Pat and her “rig of bamboo”. Apparently, this is a popular sing-a-long number. I must be deprived, because I had never heard it until I got to the other side of the world, where Brant taught it to the kids at the orphanage. I showed the video to my kids about 50 times when I got home, I have watched it secretly about 50 more. In Ghana, it was sung by children who live their lives like a camp out, cooking over an open fire, staying in a “cabin” with no electricity, wearing dirty clothes. Here in America my child sings it for one night, for entertainment, during a camp out where this is considered to be SO FUN because it’s so different than his daily existence. I thank God that those 64 voices will never have to know what these 60 some voices go through on a daily basis.

FPM proudly presents “Princess Pat” sung by the orphange’s Children’s Choir.


Did you watch it? Now watch it again and look and listen for the following:
–Brant (who is leading) has the hiccups.
–Look closely for William, it was his first day back to school in a LONG time. He was VERY happy.
–Notice the “Round of Applause” at the end? Tee hee.


6 thoughts on “The Princess Pat.

  1. That made my night! My kids want to learn it, so they can sing with their sister when she comes home. I hope the LHCC keeps up with their practicing. Thanks for the smile!

  2. That is AWESOME! They look like they are having so much fun signing it and doing the actions. It was pretty dark on my screen – where is William? And Brant’s hiccups are soooo funny. I was wondering what that was 🙂

  3. William is right behind the kid on the right of the screen in yellow. I don’t know why the video is so dark, must be a blogger thing, because it’s a lot better quality on my computer when I’m watching the original.

  4. We sang this song every summer at church/girls camp. It is awesome to see/hear it sung by children in Ghana, Africa. It seems like they enjoyed it!

  5. william standing and singing his heart out, makes my night! Love your post Becky, sad comparison of our fun and their reality. Love their singing, and Brants hiccups!

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