New Look, New Attitude.

I redid the background on my blog. Not a dramatic change, but a change nonetheless. I need to change it up. I need something, anything, else to focus on. I need to take a step back and welcome summer without spending life in a holding pattern. Plans for summer vacation are being made and life will continue to move forward with the kids I have in my home. If I stop life every time we do this, my eldest children will miss so much of me, and I will miss so much of them.

So, I’m casting off the worry and turning into New Post-Ghana FPM. She’ll be different than the sad sack that Post-Ghana Becky was. But she sure won’t be Pre-Ghana FPM either, because she was clueless. For now, the focus will be on changes at the orphanage that will improve the health care for all the children there, and readying our world for more children, whenever they may come and in whatever numbers.

Here’s something to remind me that the here and now is important too, just as important as what will come. Last week was filled with small homemade graduation caps, the kind that bring tears to my eyes, because they mark the passage of time.


One thought on “New Look, New Attitude.

  1. AWW! I love the “peeks” at your beautiful family! I do wish to “see” them (all of you-though I am no scary internet stalker), but I am thankful that you are doing as you feel led and protecting them.

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