Avoiding the Ugly Cry.

First, we interrupt this regularly scheduled yet totally inane blog post for an update: Comfort is feeling better! YAY! So many prayers for one awesome little gal. God is good! Surgery updates will follow.

The other news that came yesterday is that Kingsley has our decree IN HIS HANDS. That’s a big deal, it was issued a week ago Friday, but I know that sometimes things take time. For him to actually have it though, again, YAY! Prayers are answered.
So, my question to all of you is…can I go shopping? We don’t have any girl clothes in GhanaGirl’s size. She will be the oldest girl in the family. We thought we were adopting a boy when we started this journey. So, naturally, I bought nothing. Because boy clothes of all shapes and sizes abound at our house. But, I don’t want to shop if something should happen and she doesn’t come home. Been there before, and it involves me ugly crying at the counter of the Baby Gap while people stare. When I say ugly cry, I mean making a scene with how terrible I look. Red eyes, no make up, full on sobbing. Not good. Do I risk that again? At what point in this process do I get to celebrate? Now? Or when we’re boarding Delta Airlines from Accra to JFK?


P.S. Notice how specific I was about the airline? No mention of EgyptAir this time around. And, you’d better believe that the Benadryl will be free flowing on that Delta Flight, for GhanaGirl. Judge if you must, you can’t tell me anything I don’t already know about drugging children on airplanes. Been there, done that.

3 thoughts on “Avoiding the Ugly Cry.

  1. Well, I am perfectly happy to shop FOR you, and I’ll just hold onto all of those little bitty pink things until GhanaGirl is home. I think this plan benefits both of us! Some days I miss the “little-ness,” but most of the time I really enjoy the big kids I have. Celebrate now. If there is an ugly cry down the road, so be it. Enjoy the happy tears first! I’m thrilled that your decree is in hand. That’s a BIG step forward! Oh, and I judge not. Benadryl is my friend. I’ve taken my 4 cross-country before, by myself. I have two plane-pukers, so you better believe there was pharmaceutical assistance!

  2. Have fun shopping!!! Decree in hand…she’s yours!!! We’ll pray for your I600 and visa process to go quickly and smoothly. Safe travels to you and hubby. :)P.S. Just tell your work that if you cannot go, you would be happy to send them to pick her up. I wouldn’t mention the rooster though!

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