Here we go again.

First another Comfort update: word is she will have her surgery TODAY! She is officially added to our prayer chain at church. Go Comfort and Go God! Both of you are so much bigger and stronger than any little old right ventricle issue. I just have to have faith that we’ll see her happy and healthy very soon. It’s what’s keeping me from feeling really scared.

FPD will be holding our GhanaGirl in his arms in 7 days. That’s right. He’ll be leaving on a jet plane this time next week to file our I600. Then, God willing, I’ll go back 2-3 weeks later to bring her home. We’ll both be bringing more supplies for the hospital and first aid station and more shoes for all the kids. Good times. I spent yesterday frantically filing his Visa application. It’s expedited and has an overnight envelope included. So, it should get to New York on Saturday, they’ll process it on Monday and mail it back out so that it’s back to us on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Nothing like the last minute visa, again!!!!

So, I’m solo mom for about 7 days in there. And, I’ll be fresh at my new job (I start Monday). I also have to find a way to tell said job about GhanaGirl, and that I’m going to need a little time off to go and get her. Any suggestions? Because, by “a little time” I mean about 10 days. I’m thinking they’re not going to like me too much, but they’ll just have to get over it. I have a lovely union membership that makes it impossible for them to dislike it so much that they fire me. But still, I’m dreading tell them.

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