Praise God from Whom all Passports Flow.

We have a passport!!! Well, I already had a passport. GhanaGirl has a passport!!! Woohoo!!! Do you have ANY idea what a big deal this is? Let me tell you, it’s a HUGE deal. We waited about four weeks for our passport. Some people waited four months. Those people suffered and fought to pave the way for people like me who, honestly, might have given up. We’ve been through the ringer with two failed international adoptions. One bump in the road on this one, and I think I would have given up. So thank you to all the families who went first. We’re here because of what you did. Do you know how fast this adoption went? So fast that our heads are spinning. We trusted, and praised, and enjoyed. And, you know what? It’s done. The next part is up to us, and has been going very smoothly. FPD will be handling it when he arrives in Ghana…next week!

We will be officially telling the kids about GhanaGirl tonight. We’ll be taking them out for dinner at our favorite local pizzeria to celebrate. Giant peanut butter cups served over huge mounds of vanilla ice cream will be passed around to celebrate.

Our GhanaGirl is ours, and the hard part is done. I’m totally shopping now. FPD is officially frightened. And, he should be.


4 thoughts on “Praise God from Whom all Passports Flow.

  1. I am soooooooOOOOOoooooo happy for you!!!! I so hope you guys have a reason to come down our direction sometime this summer — we would love to have you over!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!! And I’m sooooo glad you didn’t have to wait 4 months too! It makes my trials worth it when it goes smoothly and quickly for everyone else, you know. It makes me feel like our suffering paid for something. 🙂

  3. Rockin’ and Rollin’! That’s the kind of thing I want to hear today. Positive, forward motion! It seems like every time you post about a worry on your blog, it is fixed soon after. Can I send you a list? LOL!Enjoy your evening and the announcement. And the shopping! That’s the best part, at least for now.

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