Laughter Lives Tuesday…A Chocolate Bootie.

I think it’s time for a laugh, don’t you? The reality of switching jobs, FPD going and the eventual addition of GhanaGirl to our family…well, it’s all hit me like a ton of bricks. Plus, I’m an emotional kind of girl, and ResponsiBoy graduates from Kindergarten in 48 hours. 48 HOURS, PEOPLE!!! WHERE DID MY BABY GO? WHO STOLE HIM AND REPLACED HIM WITH A FIRST GRADER?!? Oh my gosh.

So, a little laughter is in order. Around here, the “brown” folks outnumber the white ones. We make a big deal out of how great having brown skin is. And, naturally, the brown skin got equated with being chocolate. MMMMM…chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And vanilla? Some people love it, but we prefer chocolate. Well, it’s backfired just a little. Now we get songs about how great it is to be brown. “Brown is better, we love brown!!!!” Not exactly the message that we were going for. Unintentionally, we invoked a rather uncomfortable situation, especially when vanilla friends come to play, and my little chocolate toddler sized thugs begin to sing songs about chocolate skin being the BEST!!! Oops. So, we began to sing songs about the beauty of all skin, little dumb made up songs. Well, that took an unexpected turn yesterday as well. I entered my Living Room to find GigantoBaby shaking an underoo covered behind at the Diva and singing to her about his “little chocolate bootie”. Oh dear. Apparently, we’re recruiting new members for the brigade. When questioned about the content of this song, I was told “It not mean mama, it just about my little chocolate bootie”. What could I say? Carry on then.


2 thoughts on “Laughter Lives Tuesday…A Chocolate Bootie.

  1. This post made me laugh and laugh! I LOVE your kids! That is so cute!! 😀 I love it that you talk about their “brown” skin and make it a positive thing. I call Taiger chocolate, but often get strange looks from people…looks that scream, “Is that politically correct?!” All I can think is that he is not a politic, he is my son, and to me he is sweet as chocolate, and as dark!

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