Wheels Up.

FPD is off to Ghana to see our GhanaGirl. Over the last 24 hours he has been excited, nervous, happy, and terrified all at different times. He feels the same way I did. Even though I set it all up for him, he still feels these emotions because he doesn’t know exactly what to expect. And, I haven’t painted the easiest picture of our little GhanaGirl. She’s a love, but I didn’t want him operating under the false assumption that she is any kind of angel. She’s two, children rarely are at this age. So, this is his chance to see, without me, to form his own opinions and his own connections with her and the rest of the kids there. So, today I’m praying for an easy journey and that his eyes see all the beauty of Ghana, because sometimes, it’s easy to overlook it when you’re surrounded by what seems like so much need. I want him to love it there and to feel as connected to it as I do.


P.S. He promises to email, so stay tuned for updates.

One thought on “Wheels Up.

  1. Prayers for FPD’s safety, a calming spirit and for his eyes to be fully opened to see Luckyhill and Ghana, and mostly the beauty of your GhanaGirl. Maybe I should also pray for protection from the smothering that he is sure to get from a certain other little girl there too. Or maybe he’ll enjoy it. I know she will!

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