Life is just drama filled right now. Did you ever just feel like everything in the universe stacked itself up and then imploded all at once? Friends’ marriages, other people’s adoptions (not anyone from Ghana), my ENTIRE side of the family, the kid’s health (we have two that I’m getting ready to take to Urgent Care for Strep Throat, AGAIN)…and a few other things that will remain nameless on this blog. It’s all just drama. And, I’m done with drama. So.over.it. So, I’m going to bury my head in the proverbial sand for awhile. I’m going to do my best to just focus on the task at hand (you can find her pic below if you scroll down). I’m going to ignore everyone else for a little while and focus on the journey that we’re on right now.

FPD is getting the lay of the land in Ghana. He played some soccer with the older boys yesterday. He met new children that I had never heard of. And, he’s getting to know the staff there little by little. There was no shortage of drama in his day yesterday either. But, if I minimize the drama around here, maybe he’ll be able to stand the drama that goes with all the joy over there. It took him being there for a few short hours to develop the same love/hate relationship I have with Ghana. You love the people and their spirit, but you hate the oppressing poverty and your lack of ability to help everyone. He now sees what I mean about choosing your corner of the orphanage (or Ghana in general) and making it a little more beautiful. He gets it, and I’m REALLY happy about that.

He’s at church right now. An experience that he was dreading a little. He’s so afraid he’ll mess it up and insult everyone. The church scene there is a little different than the way we worship. I reassured him, but it didn’t really matter. He has to handle this one on his own. So, as I head off to Urgent Care with my Honda Pilot loaded with a bunch of little Strep Throat patients, we’ll wait to see how he did.

who is SO over the drama.

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  1. HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG. :)I don’t know how Ghanaians worship – but I think in general we’re a pretty hard bunch to offend as far as we members go. 🙂 I think we’re usually more worried about offending visitors if we worship in a way that is different or offer some guidelines for how we worship (like not taking photos during a baptism – I mean the actual get-in-the-water part). :DI also know what you mean about friends’ marriages…I’ve seen multiple ones fall to pieces over the last two months and it’s staggering. It’s another one of those “your little corner of the world” kinds of situations, I guess.More HUGS to you. Hope the kids feel better soon…

  2. I hope the littles are on the road to recovery already. Drama is always out there, and sometimes more noticeable than others (like when the husband is gone-always). Thank the Lord we have such easy access to medical care and antibiotics!We have a lot of family drama/craziness going on around us too. Sometimes I can ignore it and other days it creeps into my relatively sane little corner of the world. One of my friends has a sign that says “Cancel my subscription. I don’t need any more of your issues.” That’s about how I feel.So, how did church go for Joe? I’m so glad that he feels similarly about Luckyhill. Being able to relate to each other on that level will be a blessing down the road.

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