Let It Be.

That’s what I woke up this morning feeling like I had to do. So, I’m going to let it all be today. Our furry little friend in the ceiling hasn’t been caught yet, but the lights are fixed and no one has heard him up there. So, I’ll let it be. Someone suggested he didn’t know how scared we would all be by his ridiculous adventure. Probably right, so I’ll let him be too. I just hope he decides to ‘be’ somewhere else.

FPD called early this morning. The embassy called and said that our paperwork has been rejected for now. GhanaGirl’s birthdate on her birth certificate doesn’t match the date on the paperwork submitted by the lawyer. So, the orphanage director will have to get the lawyer to re-write the paperwork, then he will have to make an appointment with the embassy to resubmit our paperwork. One of the papers actually involves GhanaGirl’s biological father having to go back to court. FPD was devastated. He’s hot, he’s tired, he’s TOTALLY in love with his little girl and he thought the clock was ticking on the 30 days it would take to get our I600 approval. It’s not ticking, in fact this sets it back to zero and adds time to the process. FPD said he wanted to stay. I said no. You need to come home and let it be. He will only make it worse by breathing down everyone’s neck, Ghana doesn’t roll like that. We made it this far with no roadblocks. If this is our wall, then I’ll take it. Please, let this be our wall. For now, we’ll let it be and Kingsley will sort it out.

So, FPD will be on a plane in a few hours bound for home. He’ll have to re-learn how to let it be as well. I know I did when I came home. He’s had quite a few adventures that need to be chronicled. They were too fresh while he was actually in Ghana. Now, we can open the flood gates though. Stay tuned.

who is feeling a little more zen today.

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