Plague AND Pestilence.

If this were truly a Wordless Wednesday post, the pic would be of an obscene gesture, because that’s what this week has delivered so far. I can honestly say, that except for the weeks when our two adoptions failed and the week I ran myself over with my own mini-van, this has been THE WORST week of my life. A new job, a family implosion, a friend who is on the edge of I don’t even know what and is heck bent on dragging me down with her, sick kids, adoption decisions that shouldn’t have to be made and now… THIS.

I own four child care centers. I run the business end of them, I have no part in the day to day management or teaching. They hardly ever need me for anything but payroll and billing. Except, of course, for today. I got a call this afternoon/early evening from one of the on-site directors. She could hear scratching in the suspended ceiling of the center, and some of the ceiling tiles were bowing (like something was walking around up there) AND the lights weren’t working in two of the classrooms. So, after calling the landlord (who is an idiot, and that’s me being polite), we called animal control. It’s a raccoon! A freaking raccoon is walking around in the ceiling of the center. It had chewed through the wiring that controls the lights in two of the classrooms. WHAT?!? How is this even possible? So, I asked animal control if they could shoot it. Climb up there and shoot it. PLEASE! You have no idea the week I’ve had. SHOOT IT!!!! By this time, we’ve closed the center for the day. So, no worries about children being scarred by me standing outside asking animal control to JUST SHOOT IT!!!! They can’t. They need to trap him and let him go. Peace, love, rainbows and all that garbage. Apparently, we should all join hands and sing “Kumbaya” to our new pet, because he’s staying. He is in the ceiling of a CHILD CARE CENTER. The suspended ceiling, where the only thing that stands between us and his possibly rabid self is a thin layer of ceiling tile. SHOOT IT!!!! No, sorry, we can’t. So, our ceiling now holds traps FILLED with cat food. After all, we wouldn’t want the little pooper to be hungry while he sits in his trap waiting to be re-homed. Ugh. Please God, please, let him be in that trap tomorrow morning, enjoying his cat food and waiting to go to his new home (which would be with God if I had my way).

FPD is fine. He’s had quite the journey over there. His week has been no easier than mine. He’s having to clean up after the wreck that other obrunis created. Some things are so personal that they can’t be discussed on this blog. But, the orphanage is wonderful. The staff is wonderful, the kids are wonderful, and our GhanaGirl is wonderful. Adoptions are hard at Lucky Hill right now. Not ours, we’re very fortunate. But, some people are making it difficult. These are kids, with feelings, and a life that came before the obrunis did. Can we all try to remember that? PLEASE? Sheesh.

who wonders why it’s only Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Plague AND Pestilence.

  1. Wow. I’m so sad that these things are happening. We mention Luckyhill in our family prayers many evenings, and my kids are learning so much about the world, about the many blessings in our lives, and about Heavenly Father’s love for ALL of his children. Thank you for teaching ME about these things, too.Sorry about the raccoon! Just to play the devil’s advocate (I’m a Vet Tech at an animal shelter, so I’m close to all the ACOs!) Rocky didn’t know you had scared kids and owners down there, he just thought it was a warm place to hang out! :)Have you heard any updates on the blind CP baby? I hope he’s doing well, I think about him all the time.

  2. Becky, I have to agree with that gesture to indicate your displeasure. What a week! J and I were just sitting here shaking our heads because, a raccoon? SERIOUSLY? That’s just too much.

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