Welcome Home!

Welcome Home, FPD! It’s good to have you back. He went to bed at about 2am, and the last thing he said to me was “I think we need to go there a couple of times a year just to help”. This from the man who is cheaper than anyone I have EVER met. To offer to spend airfare on that. He’s hooked. And, who wouldn’t be? Seeing this every morning…

This is the how every morning begins for the kids. This is how FPD spent that day…

I’m pretty proud of my cement shoveling husband. He said 6 hours of hard labor felt good for that ONE day, but he has NO idea how Ghanaians do it EVERY day. He told GhanaGirl’s biological father how much he admired his work ethic. GhanaGirl’s bio dad said “Brother Joe, in Africa, you work hard or you don’t survive”. So sad. But still, a place filled with so much hope and pride.

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  1. I kept staring at the first picture, trying to pick out the kids I know. I found a few!I’m glad that FPD got the full Luckyhill experience, and that he feels driven to help. The two of you will be able to great things together.

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