Regional Delicacies.

You thought you had seen it all when you saw this post with the goat/backpack?!? I’ve got another one for you.

In August we’ll be heading to Salt Lake to say thank you in person to the rest of the people that brought us our GhanaGirl (God willing, she will be with us). We’re also thanking them for leading us to Lucky Hill. We want to get to meet them in person and for our kids to meet the other kids that have come home from Lucky Hill. So, we’re making a stop on our way to visit Disney Land. I was reading about Salt Lake and all there is to see and do. I thought I had heard of EVERYTHING. Then I saw this. You people in Utah put WHAT on your fries?

Oh, it gets even better…you put WHAT in your Jell-o??? Carrots? No way!!! And, some kids who take courses called ‘Utah Studies’ write papers on the regional delicacies. I’m hoping to avoid the Funeral Potatoes. I loves me some KFC though, FPD can attest to that (he doesn’t enjoy it nearly as much).

I had heard rumors, but thought there wasn’t really such a thing as the Jell-o Belt. But, there is. And, we’re REALLY excited to be going. And, it’s ok, don’t feel bad. We come from a land where we fry cheese. That’s right, in the summer at our State Fair, we FRY cheese. Greasy balls of cheese. I live here, and it still makes me a little sick.

who needs someone to get out the green Jell-o and start shaving the carrots.

4 thoughts on “Regional Delicacies.

  1. Yeah, down here below the border (haha) I’ve seen a surge in establishments serving fried mac and cheese (like a fritter or a chicken nugget…but mac and cheese in the middle). I love when we go shopping at Woodman’s (do you have that in your neck of WI) because they have such an amazing cheese selection, and for cheap! 😀 Incidentally, I have NEVER eaten jello with carrots. Guess it’s because I’m a convert. 😉

  2. I can’t wait to fix dinner for your family! We LOVE Funeral Potatoes, at funerals and other special occasions. Jello is awesome, you can hide all kinds of things in there for picky eaters. What about dessert? I have a plan for you 😉

  3. Maybe because I’m a convert too, but the whole “veggies in Jell-o” thing still grosses me out. But I LOVE “Killer Potatoes.” At least that’s what we call them out here in CA! :)As long as you’re getting fully immersed in Mormon culture, you should rent The Best Two Years and The RM. Lots of funny stuff, and still happy & a little spiritual. My sister loved them, even before she ever thought of joining the church.

  4. Another green-jello hating convert here. I don’t even like it without the carrots. I’ll take the funeral potatoes and fry sauce, though. Living in Utah does have its priveleges! In fact I just had FP on Sunday.You also need to see Johnny Lingo!

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