Not that we’re counting…

According to my trusty sources, our paperwork errors were corrected on Monday and our paperwork for our I-600 was re-submitted that day. So, IF I were to start counting, which, of course, I’m not. Then we have just ticked 4 days off of our possible 30 day wait. Someone else just got their I600 approved in just under two weeks. So, IF I were counting…maybe GhanaGirl will be ready to head home to the U.S. for the 4th of July?? Maybe.

Seriously though, I can’t count or base your adoption on ANYONE else’s adoption. Every Ghanaian adoption is wonderfully unique (that was tinged with just the right amount of sarcasm). So, just because it took the last person two weeks doesn’t mean that the folks at the embassy won’t decide to make us wait for two months. I hope not, but it’s a possibility. And, they told us we would hear from them within 30 days. So, we won’t call or bother them until day 31. Because, my trusty sources have told me that when you do, they just sit on your paperwork even longer. Bummer. But, that’s what being a pushy American gets you. And, really, they have very little power over anything. And, they told me 30 days. So, I figure I’m lucky to have an end point given to me at all.

A wise person once told me to just rejoice in the steps of the process. And, as we close in (hopefully) on the point where we will get to call GhanaGirl officially ours, I am rejoicing. I am so grateful that for now this adoption has been one of the quickest that Lucky Hill has processed. And, I’m grateful to all the people who have helped along the way. I know I’ve said it 100 times, but I’m saying it again…THANK YOU!!!!

who is officially ready for a tiny tornado to blow her way.

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  1. Eh, nobody’s counting, right? I’m certainly not. Just waiting in blissful, zen-like patience. Day 31 here is Wednesday. Well, I’ve heard that it is, because like you, I’m definitely not counting.

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