A correlation.

There is a definite correlation between my mood and the weather where we live…bleck. Dark. Cold. Dreary. That about sums up the news on our adoption too. Bleck.

I have faith that it will all turn out alright, but right now…BLECK!!!! GhanaGirl has a heart murmur that is probably nothing. But, finding out about it certainly didn’t decrease the stress in our lives. We want to know these things, for sure, but finding them out is hard when you’re half a world away. And, why didn’t I find it? Because I didn’t even listen to her. Not once. No measurements, no exam, nada. She looked fine. So, I feel guilty. I know, I know. Everyone has said “how could you know?”. Well, I’m irrational and I feel like I should have known. The end. Please join my pity parade, because that’s what I need right now. Someone to hitch up their float and join the parade. It will only be a small parade, but right now, I need it.

And, the haven’t even begun to process our I600 yet. Well, technically, it’s under review. But, a typo has made it so that it will sit there until the one little typo is fixed. This stupid typo means a trip back to court for Kingsley. A trip to court means a lawyer that needs more money and a whole extra step in the process. And, the embassy will probably close for a little while next week, and probably a little bit the week after, because…

Obama is coming to Ghana on July 10th. The one week I need a foreign embassy, he picks GHANA of all the countries in the world. Holy Moses! Can you believe our luck? So, the embassy definitely won’t be looking at our paperwork next week, or probably the week after. Then, it’s the end of July already and we’re up against our summer vacation. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Remember this post? It was about the holding pattern that becomes our lives when we’re adopting. Remember when I said I was going to book our plane tickets for Disney Land and tell the kids we were going? Remember when I said what are the chances THAT week will be the week we need to go and get her? Remember?!? I do. And, it’s looking more and more like THAT will be the week. My kids will just despise our GhanaGirl if she ruins their beloved summer vacation. The countdown has begun in our household. They’re going to Disney Land, no ifs and or buts about it. But…what about their sister? The one with the newly diagnosed heart murmur? Will she need to come home that week? Our kids are little, they don’t understand why it would be so important to cancel the vacation so we could go and get her. Grandma and Grandpa are meeting us at Disney Land. Do you understand? DISNEY. LAND. It’s like mecca for them. I’m at a loss. It sounds selfish, I know. But do you know how important Disney Land is to a 7-year-old? Well, it sure does seem a little more important then the sister they hear about who poops on the ground. They’re 7, 6, 3 and 1. They don’t get it.

So, I’m giving it over and sending it up. It will happen in God’s time. And, if that’s the week we’re in Disney Land, then God has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

who is breaking out the mouse ears.

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  1. Aw, Becky. *HUG*You know, I say you go to Disney World no matter what. 7 extra days will not make or break Ruth, especially since she is currently F.I.N.E. Your other kids -need- to have one last hurrah before Hurricane Ruth descends, you know? I hereby give you permission to go to Disney no matter what and to not feel guilty about it. There, don’t you feel better? ;)*HUGS*

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