This came in my inbox this AM. It comes the morning after FPD and I decided to just go to Ghana. Approval or not, we were just going to go. I think that was it. We made the leap of faith and it was understood that we weren’t giving up. It also happened to be the day that our congressperson told USCIS she would call personally if we didn’t have official notice of our approval. Hmmm… WHO CARES THOUGH?!? BECAUSE SHE’S OURS!!!!

Dear FPD & FPM (names have been changed):

This is to inform you that the I-600 Petition filed for **GhanaGirl** been reviewed and approved. The entire case file has since been forwarded to our Consular Section at post. You will be contacted by the Consular Section on the procedure to be followed, to enable you obtain a visa for your adopted child.

In the interim, you may also contact the Consular Section on the following numbers for all further inquiries on this case: Phone – (233 21) 741000 ext 1710, Fax – (233 21) 741426.

Thank you

USCIS, Accra.

Then when you’re done with your happy dance (because I know all of you are happy dancing with the joy of our news), I have to say something to the “anonymous” person who decided to leave a rather rude comment about how whiney I am and why I can’t just be happy with the many kids I have in my home. I AM happy with my kids. And, adopting our GhanaGirl is something we did because she is a fabulous little soul and WE are lucky to have her in our home. I’m not saving anyone. There would be people lined up around the block to be granted the privilege to be called her mom or dad. But, my dear anonymous, I have to tell you, if I were going to show you any video about why I have SO many children (according to you)…this one would sum it up pretty nicely. Look at all those happy families at the end. Some of them are larger than ours, my dear anonymous. And, these kids are already here on earth. Maybe the question is, if you have room in your home, why DON’T YOU have SO many kids?

who is doing a happy dance of her own.

11 thoughts on “APPROVAL!!!

  1. I swear screaming and singing of praises woke me up early this morning! It was you, I knew it! Now get on that plane and get her home.

  2. There was a literal happy dance here a few minutes ago!! WOOHOO!! Try not to scream and dance too much on the plane, okay?Hey, guess what, anonoymous, I have SO many children too and our family is still growing! How blessed are we? I thank the Lord every day that we can be one of those crazy big families.

  3. Happy Dancing here for you!!! What great news. My heart is screaming with joy for your family and your little beautiful ‘GhanaGirl’. She will be so glad to see you.I can’t wait to be one of those families with SO many children!! It gives variety, extra joy, extra love. You’re amazing FPM and FPD for what you do for others’ children. Your post is giving me the lift I needed today!

  4. WOOP WOOP!!! I am soooOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOOOOOOO glad!!!!!!!!!I didn’t see anonymous’ little entry, but as my mom always says, there’s nothing as worthless as an unsolicited opinion.I thank GOD (and I mean that, not in a blasphemous way!) that there ARE families like yours and others (mine included) that believe that CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING. I get the “boy, you have your hands full” comment so often, and I just recently started replying with, “Yes, I really do – better full than empty.”So, to you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous….may you some day be blessed with as many children as the Lord knows you can handle and be able to look at your own life and realize exactly how blessed you are, and not fault someone who has been more blessed than you. :)LOVE YOU, BECKY!!!

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys! I have been smiling ALL DAY! I’d do the happy dance if I could, but for now I’ll do the happy “shimmy” 🙂 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!You are a wonderful family and Ms Anonymous must have no children at all, or just be really unhappy, or not know you…..don’t worry about it because WE are all SOOOOOOO happy for you!!!LoveShelley ( mother of EIGHT!)

  6. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for letting me give reference to your site. CONGRADS!!! So happy for you all and the sweet little one. You are all so blessed! 🙂 Tami

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