In just 48 hours…

In just 48 hours, Bubbles has learned quite a few things…

–There is always food. If you don’t like the food you are served, you don’t need to sit there staring at it until you find the ability to choke it down while gagging. Mama will make you chicken and rice because you were brave enough to try it.

–You can’t “beat” your siblings. We have had ZERO instances of aggressive hitting, kicking or biting in the last 24 hours (the first 24 hours were a little rough).

–In return, we won’t beat you. But, you will have all your toys taken away if you are naughty and you will have to sit in the “naughty” chair. You will request to be beaten instead. No dice. And, worst of all, we make you say SORRY! Oh, the horror.

–You have to hold on to the chains while swinging on the swings at Grandma’s house (that lesson was learned the hard way).

–You are free to sit and count your shoes for 45 minutes every morning if you would like.

–You have a new name. You can sing it all day to yourself if that floats your boat.

–When you’re hurt or sad mama will hug you. Then your brothers will hug you, then your sister might too if she is in the mood.

–Your sister is moody. Sometimes, she wishes you weren’t here. It’s ok, she needed you to come. Otherwise, she would have been insufferable her whole life (well, that’s what mama keeps telling you anyway).

–Your sister will beat you. We’ll make her sit in the dreaded chair as well.

–Mangoes don’t taste the same in the U.S. In fact, they make you gag.

–Hard boiled eggs are pretty much the same.

–There sure are a lot of “obrunis” in America and, no, mama and daddy don’t know all of them just because we are white as well.

–Your sister is actually “obibini” (black) as well, not “obruni”, even though she is the lightest black person you’ve ever seen.

–We don’t throw trash on the ground. Nor, do we pee outside in the yard.

–You can’t walk into the neighbor’s house. They don’t dig it, especially the single guy with the perfect yard who lives next door. He already thinks we have too many children. You are just fanning the flames.

–You don’t like beagles, especially the one that lives with us.

–We take lots of pictures of you doing silly things like riding an escalator (which you don’t love) and feeling the carpet with your face (which you do love).

–Pizza is tasty.

–The doctor “is not good”. Just because you shout it loudly doesn’t mean he will go away.

— Abeku, Anninda and Joy aren’t going to show up here one morning just because you ask over and over. Sad, because mama wishes they would.

–But, most importantly, popsicles are AWESOME!!!!

who loves the popsicles too.

3 thoughts on “In just 48 hours…

  1. You are going to have to post daily photos, just so I can see her smile. I LOVE it!I wholeheartedly agree about the popsicles (and the mangoes-gag). And if shouting at the doctor WILL make him go away, I would like Bubbles to come to the dentist with me.Hugs from the big brothers will cure almost anything. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Good medicine.

  2. Becky, I had happy tears reading this. Thanks for letting us be part of the experience….it’s going to be a year of wonderful adventures…and some tears along with it 🙂 Enjoy!

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