A Jumble of Emotions.

Bringing home Bubbles has been the highest of highs, and at times, the lowest of lows. She’s a love, and is adjusting as well as any two- year- old can. She alternates between loving us and seemingly knowing the rules, to wanting to test the boundaries. We’ve been at this for three days, the progress she’s made in that time is ASTOUNDING to all of us. We just need a little more time for her to figure out that this is her life now and then, we’ll be golden.

During the time I was in Ghana to get Bubbles, I got to spend time with the two that are yet to come. Added to the jumble of emotions of this homecoming are my own feelings of loss. I miss them. We have a long road ahead of us to get them home. We have to do some, if not all of Bubbles’ post-placement. Bummer. We’re trying to work it out, but it might be 6 months down the road before we can file that coveted I600. In the meantime, I worry about them. They are older (8 and 5). They understand that I left, and I’m sure they wonder, everyday, whether or not I’m coming back. And, right now, all I have to carry me through is the certainty that, through God, Kingsley will watch over them. Their life is not easy. Bubbles had the people at Lucky Hill to make sure she ate and had clothes. They don’t live there. They live close, but it’s still not on site. I worry, a lot. I don’t want to change their environment and ask that they be moved, they live so close that it would be silly to take them from the place they call home, only to move them again. But, still, it eats me a little.

In the meantime though, we’re praying for them, and you’ll hear a lot about them on this blog. So, introducing…



I thought pizza would be a special treat for them, but, they didn’t love it. So, like Bubbles, we’ll be making various forms of chicken and rice for months to come.

who DOES love pizza.

2 thoughts on “A Jumble of Emotions.

  1. Totally adorable! I know you will be back at Luckyhill as soon as you can find a way, and that GhanaGal and GhanaGuy will be okay until then. I would be just as worried in your place, though. It’s what a Mama does.

  2. Love it! They are awesome kids Becky. I am happy every time I think about them coming to your family. They’ll be okay….soon they’ll be with you all. I’m still doing chicken and rice….as a matter of fact it was chicken fried rice last night ( not chicken and fried rice :)….triple xxx would always confuse me with those orders) Bubbles, GhanaGal and GhanaGuy will be so happy in your home. Your plate will be heaping with joy!

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