I love you, Sister.

Yesterday we all got our first spontaneous round of “I love you”s. First, it went to FPD and I, then to GigantoBaby, then to ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle, and then, finally, the Diva got some love and gave some in return. Her hard shell is cracking and she’s warming up to this sister thing. And, Bubbles, who probably hasn’t been told “I love you” very often in her life is starting to enjoy having it said to her, and saying it back.

We love you too, Bubbles. And, to the Diva, you’ll always be our baby girl.

3 thoughts on “I love you, Sister.

  1. I love the photo of Bubbles and Diva….cutie pies both of them. Ruth has an infectious smile! Diva is looking like “Hmmm, maybe this girl is okay!” Thanks for sharing the cute photo!

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