She did it.

There are, honestly, very few adults in the world that inspire me. There are A LOT of children in the world that inspire me, my kids are named after a few of them, the kids at Lucky Hill comprise a few more. I’m a little hard hearted when it comes to adults. Having worked with kids for so long has made me see just how awesome God creates us from day one. Kids start out with totally open hearts, trusting everyone around them. Sometimes their little worlds are rocked by injury or illness and they have to learn to trust again. Sometimes adults lose that trust completely in the face of adversity. Then, there are those adults who get knocked down, and have to learn stand again, but they never forgot to trust in the God that made them. Those are the people that inspire me.

Way to go Stephanie!

who realizes that no matter how hard things seem, she is one lucky woman.

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